Multi Quote - The Final Furlong

A few months ago we published a post which outlined the new quote method that we were working on. We are now moving into final beta testing and publishing the system ready for ProMart 3.0 users to use.

It's been a lot of work. We have completely rebuilt the system around this new method of quoting and raising orders. For those of you who are used to a more traditional method of quoting with all additional costs displayed (or not) then this quote method is really for you...

New Features In Brief

  • Ability to quote multiple items on one quote
  • Ability to either show all costs or combine into one
  • Ability to have multiple tax rates on items to allow for children's clothing
  • Ability to raise a single order with multiple products
  • Ability to upload multiple files as artwork proofs and assign to multiple products on the order
  • Creation of multiple PO's to place all orders
  • Ability to break down sizes and colours in an endless matrix
  • Ability to assign a supplier as the delivery address rather than the customer.

The new multi quote system has been long awaited by some of our users and we have a lot of prospective clients whom have requested this be included. We will be booking in online training sessions for the new quote system as of Friday this week.

Please raise a support request and we will be happy to walk you through everything!

The New Stuff

Purchase Order Tracking

Above is the new purchase order popup for order progress. You can easily see which are multi product orders and which are single item orders. By colour coding.

Multi Proof Upload

Above is the new artwork upload popup for order progress. You can now upload multiple files and assign which products the upload is for. When the client clicks the approve link ProMart approves all the items that were checked.

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