Google Shopping Feeds

All of the websites we build have a custom datafeed that can be used to add products to your google shopping account. We have a wealth of experience in using and maintaining google shopping feeds. Wether it's initial setup or constant maintenance we provide a full support service for your data feeds.

We also have a few tricks up our sleeves to get better exposure on google shopping. But sorry... we only share those with our customers!

We can:

  • Setup your initial data feed
  • Categorise your products into the Google product taxonomy
  • Submit to Google shopping
  • Configure and setup Google cart (For compliance)
  • Test product feed
  • Fix rejected products
  • Optimise and Maintain your feed

If your not sure what google shopping is then pop over to google and search for somthing and then change to google shopping search from the top black drop down menu.

Having well optimised product data can bring in a lot of natural traffic.  Although Google have now changed the data feeds from a free service to a PPC model.

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