New Feature - Multi Currency Quotes

We have been working hard this week to get the initial release of the multi-currency system finished. In our release today we have setup automatic exchange rate collection on all ProMart 3.0 sites. This enables ProMart users to provide quotes in over 100 currencies that are automatically updated on a daily basis. Simply select the currency you wish to use on the last tab of the quote edit page.

Once the exchange rate is loaded it remains attached to the quote at that rate. This is so that when you come to process the order the prices remain the same. You can of course reload the exchange rates at time of order to update to the latest rate.

Currently we have updated the quote templates and the preview window only. So whilst you can quote any currency the orders will still show as your default site currency.

Whats Next With Multi Currency?

The next step of the process is to add all the code in to display the selected currency on the sales orders / invoices / etc. We will also be adding in a multi-currency option for purchase orders so that you can buy in any currency as well as sell. 

After that we will be updating the Xero integration to import in the currency you have selected.


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