Postcode Lookup

ProMart 2.0 is fully integrated with Capture+ from there is an address to fill in you have the option of searching to fill automatically. Both on the frontend and backend of your ProMart system.

Validate international addresses at point of capture, advanced search methods and the latest global address data, you and your customers can be entering accurate addresses in seconds.

Ensure data quality

Get accurate address data at the point of entry, reducing the need to clean it once it’s in your company database.

Reduce costs

Increase business efficiency by speeding up data entry, escaping typos and the cost of missed deliveries.

Improve user experience

Improve website usability and reduce cart abandonment rates by providing a quicker way to enter address details.

Real-time address searching

As soon as you start typing a business name, street or postcode, Capture+ suggests results to auto-complete the address.

Works internationally

With data from around the world, Capture+ searches international addresses and returns the correct address format, detecting user location and language.

Intelligent address lookup

Look up any part of an address, not just a postcode. Smart sorting of results displays nearest locations first. Capture+ also recognises common misspellings.

Compatible with mobile devices

Capture+ works on any internet enabled device, from computers and tablets to smartphones and EPoS kiosks.

Quality data

As licensed resellers of PAF® postcode anywhere sources address data direct from postal operators including Royal Mail, Canada Post, Australia Post, USPS and more.

The latest updates, daily

Benefit from the most up to date and complete address information including Just Built, Not Yet Built and multi-residency data.

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