New Feature - Tag Slider Product Carousels

Woohoo! A long awaited feature has finally landed! This is something we had available in ProMart 2.0 but has been delayed release into 3.0 due to us having to wait on the UiKit slider to be released. We have now added the slider select tool to each of the product pages so that we no longer have a huge amount of images showing on some products.

In addition to this you can now add custom modules and display products from certain tags you have added. This is great for displaying your best sellers on the home page or creating product groups for events or other areas you may be targeting. You can see the product slider in action on our demo site.

If you would like us to setup your first carousel please ping our support via your ProMart website and we will give you a call to show you how they work and how to publish a module on the homepage.

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