ProMart 3.0 - Progress - March 2017

As you all know we are still working hard towards a stable release of ProMart 3.0. We have had a few extra features that we have decided to implement before launch. We have now removed the product archive and replaced it with a MY PRODUCTS system. This means that any products you put on the sites yourself are now stored separately this means we can drop our product database in a lot faster and can schedule it to happen directly from our new data directory every 24 hours. This means we can be a lot more proactive on adding new products and updating prices.


Data Directory Access for Suppliers

We are working on a portal where suppliers can directly edit products individually as well as link up a google sheet with product data. This will directly sync with ProMart sites. Data will no longer be manually imported to each individual site and will be uploaded and maintained on the new data directory.

Current Status of Projects:

  • All front end websites are now setup and mostly designed however we have to finish them all off to a degree.
  • The Search System is setup and loading fast and efficiently using images from our new CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • The Vertical Menu system is now finished. This took longer than expected as we have had to add a function to update totals to display in the menu. Counting up on the fly was slowing down the pages too much! (So many products!)
  • The quote system is finished and allowing users to upload their own images to use or select from previously using images for that product.
  • File paths have now been updated and all users will be given access to backups of all their artwork and invoice files via Amazon S3 sharing.
  • All Views have now been updated to UiKIt 3.0 (mammoth job). We have lost the sliding images from product pages until the UiKit devs release those new versions for us to use.

Still to Do:

  • Recode Xero and Quickbooks Integrations (Should be fairly easy)
  • Transfer all Blogs to new Dedicated Blog Server (In progress this week)
  • No-Minimum Product pages and checkout process (Booked in for next week)
  • Fix Product pages layout issues (This Week)
  • Rebuild Reseller system for reseller users (Will likely be post P3 Launch)
  • Fix Enquiry Page
  • Finish MY PRODUCTS submission forms.
  • Category Filters (This week)

 Again sorry for the delays, we are working tirelessly to make this release the best it can be. 

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