How to Setup Product Colours

The format for your data sheet should be each colour separated by a comma.  This is the format that google shopping uses and is generally an excepted format. ProMart 2.0 websites use a directory scanner to load the images into the database. However we accept that not all suppliers will have separate images for each colour of the product they can supply.

For this reason we use product_colours to allow the quick adding of colour options. It's important that this column uses the same format as the files that you create.


 Points to Note

  • Try to use standard colours, things like apricot or sapphire or your own custom colours are not that useful and make it hard to use your products in a colour chooser system
  • Don't use abbreviations of colours, eg. Blk,Rd,Ylw
  • Don't add extra text to the field, eg. Handles in Natural Wood,red,blue,green (these are all custom attributes that play havok with anyone trying to use your data as a searchable field)
  • Make sure everything is lower case with no spaces
  • If your product is 2-3 colours then separate with -and- i.e. blue-and-black

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