How to Name your Promotional Products

When naming your products you really want to come up with a unique name. Try not to cross contaminate data in with the product title. i.e. "Red Paneled Umbrella 1.5m Width" The data such as product colours and sizes should be in separate fields.  

If you keep everything separate then your client will have the option of combining them together using CONCATENATE.

Why do my product names have to be unique?

  • So you have 2 methods for searching for it. (name + SKU)
  • So that URL's and website pages are more unique
  • So that it ties the product to your company
  • To build brand awareness. (Think of something like the "Smart Pad" from Adpads or the Brite Range from SPS)
Points to note
  • Don't use special characters in the titles such as commas, full stops, speech marks, hyphens, tildes © ® TM's and anything else that may cause problems to the various systems they will be used in. (they look messy, are of no value and break things such as URLs)
  • Think about your product titles and make them unique from your competitors (is "jumbo calculator" all that unique? or would "Aukland Jumbo Calculator" be more unique?)
  • DO NOT CROSS CONTAMINATE DATA! (let your clients combine themselves, if they wish)

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