How to Setup Specifications & Proofs

The best way to setup your visuals is in a CSV file with the name of the PDF file in it.  Use the product code to name the PDF file. The full product code, not an abbreviated version.

Why is this the best way to display the data?

Because then this data can be used to upload to a website or referenced in another database. The files would then be batch renamed to new product codes and they would all be uploaded to a directory that then automatically displays them on a website on the corresponding product page.

Product Specs Column Headers

Field NameDescriptionNote
product_title The unique name of the product Max 70 Characters
product_desc The full length detailed product description Max 1000 Characters
product_s_desc Short description of the product Max 156 Characters
product_weight The weight of the individual product In Grams
product_width The width of the individual product In mm
product_length The length of the individual product In mm
product_height The height of the individual product In mm
product_min_order The minimum order quantity for printed goods Also known as MOQ
product_min_lead_time The minimum time that printed goods can be produced in In Working Days
product_max_lead_time The maximum time that the printed goods can be produced in In Working Days
product_country_origin The country where the product was made Not where it was printed
product_colours The colours the product is available in. Comma separated, no spaces. multi-colour displayed with a "/" i.e. "white/black"
product_sizes The sizes the product is available in. Comma separated no spaces.
product_brand The product makers brand i.e. Regatta, Fruit of the Loom, etc

Packaging Specs

Field NameDescriptionUnit of Measure
pack_per_carton How many products in each carton  
pack_weight The weight of each carton kg
pack_height The height of each carton mm
pack_length The length of each carton mm
pack_width The width of each carton mm

Product Files and Documents

Column TitleNaming ConventionNotesURL Path
product_pdf_visual product_sku.pdf Any size PDF file set to scale - NO TEXT - NO BRANDING - NO EXTRA DETAILS - Just Product + Print Area in MM /data/files/visuals/
product_spec_sheet product_sku.pdf A PDF file containing all specs of a product - NO BRANDING /data/files/specsheets/
product_zip_file A zip file containing all the images and other related spec sheets and visuals - NO BRANDING /data/files/zips/
If you are supplying data on disc you should use the same folder structure as the URL paths.

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