How to Setup Special Flags

We have added this section as an ongoing list that we will build into over time. The reason for this is so that we can build additional markers and flags that signify certain things. If you look below you will see the kind of flags we are aiming for. 


Column TitleFormatDescription
flag_express_24hr Y/N Available on 24 Hours Express
flag_express_48hr Y/N Available on 48 Hours Express
flag_express_72hr Y/N Available on 72 Hours Express
flag_express_7_days Y/N Available on 7 Day Express
flag_on_special Y/N On Special Offer
flag_end_of_line Y/N End of Line Item (When it's gone it's gone)
flag_uk_manufactured Y/N Made in the UK
flag_full_colour_print Y/N Full Colour Print Available
flag_best_seller Y/N Best Selling Product
flag_eco_product Y/N Eco / Recycled Product
flag_fair_trade Y/N Fair Trade Product
If you wish anything to be added into the list please post below and we will review it and add it in.

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