PromoNet Artwork Assist - PDF Visual Creation

PromoNet is now offering all ProMart clients artwork assistance built directly into your ProMart 3.0 system. When raising an order in ProMart you will now have an additional checkbox to request that we complete the artwork proof process for you.

Simply check this box and we will produce a print ready PDF file and upload to your system. If there are any amends we will receive them directly and sort those for you too! A completely hands off artwork experience.

What does it cost?

One of the most time consuming parts of producing visuals is setting up and maintaining a costing system. So we have come up with a simple solution using artwork assist credits.

  • Artwork Proof Creation and upload to your system. 8 Credits
  • Amendments. 2 Credits
  • For Complex redraws we will advise a credits cost before uploading a proof.

Credits will be costed based on the amount you pre-purchase at once.

  • 1000 Credits - £850 + VAT
  • 500 Credits - £450 + VAT
  • 250 Credits - £230 + VAT
  • 100 Credits - £100 + VAT

All new ProMart 3.0 will receive 50 credits so they can test and see how the process works.

Click here to get speak to one of our team to get more information on this offer.

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